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Hace dos semanas todo iba bien, yo era feliz no preguntándome si lo era realmente, hoy regreso a lo de antes donde no entiendo que esta pasando, no se en que falle, todo son reclamos, porque yo fallo no los demás, suena tonto decir que seré ermitaña, pero es tan real el miedo de estar rodeada de personas que pueden y quieren hacerme daño, yo no quiero hacerles daño, quiero ir por la vida sin tocar. Quiero caer y golpearme y casi morir, porque después de ese dolor, solo puede venir la calma. 

The world used to be silent. Now it has too many voices and the noise is a constant distraction. They multiply, intensify. They will divert your attention to what’s convenient and forget to tell you about yourself. We live in an age of many stimulations. If you are focused you are harder to reach. If you are distracted you are available. You are distracted you are available. You want flattery. Always looking to where it’s at. You want to take part in everything and everything to be a part of you. Your head is spinning fast at the end of your spine, until you have no face at all. And yet if the world would shut up, even for a while, perhaps we would start hearing the distant rhythm of an angry young tune, and recompose ourselves. Perhaps, having deconstructed everything, we should be thinking about putting everything back together. Silence yourself.